Doggy Astrology

Doggy Astrology

According to Stacey Wolf,  one of the most respected astrologers and pet psychics in the world,  I'm a poodle.   No, I don't mean in a past-life sense, but rather in the way that as a Pisces I love to be close to the people I love, cosy and comfortable in my surroundings, and yes,  pampered.  I have to say that she's right! 

Stacey has come up with a fun doggy equivalent for each star sign,  citing a breed whose temperament and habits best match the traits typically seen in each house of the zodiac.   Her pairings are pretty spot on, and in many cases written with the kind of humor that you will find in any of her writing.  They are a great point of inspiration if you are looking for a fun gift for a dog lover's birthday. 

If your birthday is round about now then you may either be a slobbery and stubborn St. Bernard (Taurus), or an energetic Yorkie (Gemini).  So quite a difference there!

So now I just have one question:  when will she come up with astrology for dogs?  Let's see,  my West Highland Terrier was born in March, so that makes him an Aquarius.  According to Stacey,  he has 'a mind of his own but no one can really understand what’s going on in there.'   Wow, this lady really knows her stuff!

If you are interested in finding out more about your pet's star sign, and how it might affect their behavior, personality and even destiny,  then there are plenty of other sites that offer advice. Find Your Fate , Astrology for Pets,  is a good place to start.