The Elements of Chinese Zodiac

The Elements of Chinese Zodiac

Wood and Fire

In addition to each person being born under a different sign in the Chinese zodiac, each is also associated with a different astrological element. In Chinese astrology, none of these elements are stronger than another, rather they are all dependent on each other and controlled by one another.

Each of these elements are assigned to a year in a 5 year cycle. When combined with the different animals of the Chinese zodiac there can be a total of 60 different personality combinations. These elements are wood, fire, metal, water, and earth.


Those who fall under the zodiac element wood tend to be a person who is cooperative with others. However, this could be for many reasons that align with your animal sign. For example, a Tiger may be willing to work in a team so long as they are the leader. In addition to being cooperative, those who are of the wood element tend to be ethical and compassionate as well.


Two common traits for those who were born with the element fire are flamboyance and charisma. With these skills, those with Fire tend to make great leaders and are perfect for inspiring others. Additionally, those who are a fire have a strong sense of enthusiasm and passion. These features can often manifest as intensity in all things that they do, especially the ones they enjoy. Unfortunately, due to this intensity and passion, those who are a Fire tend to become quickly impatient and often are subject to having a quick-temper.