If you were born today - 26 July

If you were born today - 26 July

Leos are creative, extrovert people, sometimes with big egos who make very good entertainers, and if you were born today you share your birthday with a Who's Who list of people within the entertainment industry!

Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones rock band was born today in 1943.  He shares his birthday with another legendary rock and roller, Queen drummer Roger Taylor, born in 1949.

English actresses Helen Mirren, born in 1945, and Kate Beckinsale, born in 1973, both also celebrate their birthdays today.  Keeping them company is American actor Kevin Spacey, born in 1959.
Another Leo born today, who worked within the entertainment industry but behind the camera instead of in front, is American film director, producer and writer Stanley Kubrick, born in 1928. Kubrick earned his right to having a big ego as his film making is regarded by most as being innovative and extremely influential on the film industry.  His films include "A Clockwork Orange", "The Shining" and "Lolita" . Kubrick did not show the Leo trait of bring a people lover however, as he lived a lot of his life completely away from the public eye.  

Your horoscope for July 26th

Don't be tempted to splash out on an impulsive spending spree to try and make yourself feel better today.  You will only feel worse when the credit card bills arrive!  Instead, turn to your close friends for some cheering up.