Who are you? 101 ways of seeing yourself

Who are you? 101 ways of seeing yourself

Check out your chakras, archetype, sun sings and more.

Just who are you? Who am I, for that matter? I like to do a lot of writing prompts in my journal—to keep my mind active as well as to help me make decisions, discover new plots for my stories, and even learn more about myself. Recently I had a prompt that asked me to describe who I am in a single sentence, and if you’ve ever done that, you know that it can be a challenging thing to do!

While checking out the personal development (okay, self-help) section at the library the other day while my daughter was in a class, I ran across a book that goes even deeper into who you are. It’s called Who Are You? 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself: From Archetypes and Chakras to Enneagrams and Sun Signs, An Identity Kit of Physical, Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Self-Tests. Talk about a loaded title! After reading this book, I should know exactly who I am, right?

Malcom Godwin’s book of self-tests and assessments is definitely an interesting one. Though I haven’t yet done many tests, I can tell you that they vary widely and range from scientific (one even explains different parts of the brain and how it works) to medieval (what grail symbol are you?) to spiritual (chakras and so forth). Each assessment varies widely; you might be given some characteristics to analyze yourself and determine which describes you, or you might have to take a little quiz a la Seventeen magazine to see which applies to you personally.

All kinds of interesting and provocative images are displayed with these various tests—are you phobic? Are you trapped? How joyful are you?—which only adds to the interesting value of the book. Some people might be interested to learn their Dosha balance (and what foods they should eat) while others might want to know their type in Chinese medicine. The most interesting thing to me is that some of the things that I am in my zodiac are completely the opposite in these tests—for example, I’ve always thought I was a complete water sign (creative, intuitive, emotional, passionate) but according to my Dosha, fire might be more me.

This book could be so much fun for lots of people—your spiritual aunt, your woo woo neighbor, your graduating niece or nephew just discovering who he or she is. It could even be used at parties for a fun activity for everyone to do. You could always hire a psychic (they are a lot of fun—I went to a psychic party once) but analyzing your friends could be even more enjoyable (or at least laughter-inducing).