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If you were born today - 20 May

If you are celebrating your birthday today, you share the day with the winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize, Frédéric Passy. Born today in 1822, Passy was the joint winner with Henry Dunant in 1901, for his writing and speeches advocating peace.

Taureans are known for their determination, and this determination won John Cruickshank, born today in 1920, the Victoria Cross during World War II.  Cruickshank is a real testament to Taurean tenacity: despite having twelve wounds from flak shells, two of which were serious wounds to his lungs, the Flying Officer continued to release his depth charge onto a German U-boat, sinking it in July 1944.

Taureans have their own special brand of practical creativity, which they get their ruling planet, Venus; The Creator. It was a Taurean who paved the way for recordable music, and CDs.  Emile Berliner, born today in 1851, was an German inventor whose most well-known invention was the gramophone. He also invented an early version of the helicopter.

Actor James Stewart, as well as singers Joe Cocker and Cher all celebrate their birthday today, and have all displayed typical Taurean creativity and drive to reach the pinnacles of their careers.

Your Horoscope for 20th May

Want to know what your future holds?  Although Taureans do like to plan,  you can't always account for every scenario, and you need to be flexible enough to change your ideas when needed.  Driving your heels in today won't do you any good:  look for compromises.


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