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Characteristics of a Gemini

Though I am a Scorpio, Gemini was the first astrological sign that I ever learned about as a child. My aunt, who is very into mystical and witchy and Eastern things—everything from burning incense to collecting Buddhas to reading little spell books and horoscopes—is a Gemini, and I remember seeing a picture of The Twins and asking her about it.

If you were born between May 22 and June 21, you are under the sign of Gemini. The third sign in the zodiac, Gemini is a masculine, extroverted sign represented by a pair of twins. These twins are based on Greek mythology, and represent the sons of Leda and Zeus, their names being Castor and Pollux. A mutable sign, Gemini is of the element Air. It is considered ruled by the planet Mercury

Geminis are known as energetic, clever people—and that is my aunt all wrapped up. She’s always on the go, even after a long day of work, jumping around, cleaning up, or going on adventures. She used to “kidnap” us, as she’d call it, and take us bowling, to eat, to the library, or wherever. I remember feeling so awed about how she would never rush us like our parents would (which is understandable; she didn’t have us three girls every moment of every day!). To this day, she still maintains this energy with my own five-year-old.

Her wittiness and cleverness is also very apparent; she’s always doing logic puzzles and brain teasers, coming up with funny slogans that they should definitely buy to use on t-shirts and bumper stickers, and coming up with silly jokes that get us cracking up on family game night each month.

People under Gemini are also imaginative and adaptive, qualities that make them both fun friends as well as well sought-after employees.

Some negative traits that a Gemini may have include a superficial outlook, as well as deviousness—which can actually come in handy, depending upon the situation. How else do you get a cat around the landlord, after all? A Gemini may also be impulsive and indecisive, as well as restless. Many Geminis like to keep moving, as well as traveling, if and when they can.

What I’ve come to notice most about the Gemini family and friends that I know is that they love their independence. Even the married ones need their space and often take day trips away from home with their friends or just by themselves—so it takes a strong person to be committed to a Gemini. Most of the people I know who are under the sign are actually single, though.

A Gemini is a great multi-tasker and doesn’t like to be tied down to a single activity all day. For this reason, they make great journalists, tour guides, marketing experts, and teachers. Due to their cleverness and adaptability, they also make excellent translators. I knew a Gemini who worked for the Peace Corps as a language instructor and it was her favorite job, ever.