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Characteristics of a Pisces

As a Scorpio, I love the fact that my little sister is a Pisces. We are both water signs and are able to get along so well in our emotional, creative worlds better than I know we would if either of us was instead a fire sign.

If you were born between February 20 and March 20, your sun sign is said to be Pisces. Idealistic, sensitive, and compassionate, Pisces are born artists and dreamers. They usually have a strong sense of intuition as well as being selfless and sympathetic. Pisces are the ultimate humanitarians.

A water sign, Pisces is feminine and introverted. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune (sources vary), Pisces is the twelfth house of the zodiac and is considered most compatible with Scorpio, Cancer, and other Pisces.

Pisces often has trouble getting his or her “head out of the clouds.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though it can be annoying for other signs of the zodiac (particularly fire signs). Impractical and big dreamers, Pisceans are usually considered otherworldly. Laid back and loving, Pisces is usually quite popular, however, as they do make very good friends. Pisces is one of the most accepting signs, often refraining from judging others.

When faced with problems, Pisceans have a tendency to wait them out and avoid reacting rather than plunging forward and trying to solve them. They usually accept their surroundings and situations rather than try to change them, and can usually make the best out of any situation. In fact, many Pisceans are more worried about the problems of their family, friends, and even humanity itself rather than their own.

Some famous Pisceans include Anais Nin, George Harrison, Ted Kennedy, Ron Howard, Sandy Duncan, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudolph Steiner, Dr. Seuss, Chastity Bono, Jane Goodall, Ralph Nader, Chelsea Clinton, Rob Reiner, Oliver W. Holmes, Michelangelo, Billy Crystal, Albert Einstein, Joseph Pulitzer, James Taylor, Rob Lowe, Jerry Lewis, Nat King Cole, Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, Mr. Rogers, John Updike, Glenn Close, Sir Richard Burton, and Spike Lee.

Highly intuitive, psychics are often Pisces. Compassionate and caring, Pisces are also great bartenders, pharmacists, teachers, counselors, and monks or nuns. Their creativity also makes them wonderful artists—whether it be through filmmaking, painting, sketching, acting, dancing, photography, or otherwise. Piscean dreamers usually prefer to work by themselves and are often gravitated toward water-oriented careers, such as oceanography and marine biology. Many Pisces are also volunteer workers.