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If Your Birthday Is Today - 12th March

Pisceans love showbusiness and the arts.  Although they often play supporting roles rather than the leads,  their natural tendancy to escape into fantasy makes them ideal for acting, singing and writing.  Although they tend to be a bit more fragile than other signs,  and don't often develop the hard skins needed to survive the harsh world of celebrity,  there have still been plenty of Piscean stars over the years. James Taylor is one such creative talent who celebrates his birthday today.  Famous for his folky songs such as 'Fire and Rain' and 'You've Got A Friend',  Taylor has won several Grammy's and has earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  His songs speak of themes such as friendship, love and travel and are typically romantic for a Piscean. Another famous singer of quite a different kind is Liza Minnelli who was born today to the even more famous singer and actress Judi Garland.   Minnelli has won awards and critical acclaim for her Broadway performances in Cabaret, and her movie role in New York, New York,  although many of her other ventures have beenunremarkable. The American writer and poet Jack Kerouac was also born today. Your Horoscope for March 12th We all change as we get older,  so use today to think about who around you accepts and appreciates who you are.  Old friends don't necessarily mean good friends and it may be time for a social change.  Trust your instincts as the planets are aligned to give you strength and clarity that you may normally lack. Want to know who else was born, who died, and what has happened on your birth date? Check out the list here.