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Antique Zodiac Charms: Aries

Lucky charms are certainly nothing new. People have believed in them for centuries; hence the four leaf clover, rabbit's foot, guardian angel pendant, found penny and so many more "lucky" items you have heard reference to throughout your lifetime. Simply carrying one with you, placing them on your desk, under your pillow or around your home may bring you luck.
Did you know that some uncommon antique lucky charms exist for each of the Zodiac's Sun Signs?
Before you shun the idea and cast aside any hope for a change in luck, ask yourself, "What have I got to lose in giving an old charm a chance to be useful again?".
Courageous, headstrong Aries, (March 21 - April 19) your sign symbolizes fire and you will find luck with anything in the shape of a heart.  From bracelet charms, lockets, gemstones or a pebble found on the beach, if it is heart shaped it could be a lucky charm for you.
Since the color red enhances your endurance and strength, Aries, and your birthstone is Bloodstone, a red heart should traditionally bring you even more luck; especially in the area of love.
It does not matter what size or material your lucky heart is made of. The heart trinket can be an expensive piece of Tiffany's jewelry or an affordable flea market find. All that matters is keeping it with you.
You may also wish to incorporate the heart theme into your home or office decor to bring additional luck into your life.
Heartfelt wishes for the best of luck to you, Aries!