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If you were born today – 4 April

Aries are full of energy and excitement, which is probably why they make good entertainers. A number of people who have careers with the entertainment industry were born today. Cheerful Irish television personality Graham Norton celebrates today, although it is hard to imagine him any more chirpy than he is on any other day.  If only we could all be so giddy! Actors Robert Downey Jr, and Hugo Weaving (of Lord of the Rings and Matrix fame) also celebrate birthdays today. Robert Downey Jr’s career shows how Aries can use their determination to make career comebacks, even after problems have effected their work. Today will no doubt be a bittersweet day for thousands of Heath Ledger, who would have celebrate his birthday today.   Ledger was known as a pensive, sensitive and hard working and I suspect that there was more going on in his chart than just the influence of his sun sign, Aries.  Friends of the actor such as Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, have helped to complete Heath's last movie which is due to be released sometime in 2010. Another Aries celebrating today, within the world of entertainment but not in front of the camera is American screenwriter David E Kelley.  While you may not know his face,  you will certainly be familiar with his work. Kelley has used his Aries drive to created the hit television shows Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal.

Your Horoscope for 4th April

Now Aries aren't famous for the creative talents outside performing arts, but whatever artistic ideas you have today they are certainly coming thick and fast.  Spend some time with your muse, but don't neglect the practicalities either. Want to know who else was born, who died, and what has happened on your birth date?