August 2008

Creativity abounds with the new moon in Virgo

There will be a new moon in Virgo on August 30th, and now is the time to start creating your new future. I was meditating about what this all means to us, and in doing so I pulled out my old reliable Crowley tarot deck. I shuffled and focused, and pulled the Knight of Wands, it all seemed to make sense. The new moon in Virgo inspires us to reach deep within ourselves, and find inside the truth about who we are and what our personal legend is. This is the time to plant the seeds of who we are to become tomorrow, this is the time to let yourself dream big, allow yourself the freedom to explore those unfulfilled crevices in your souls and believe that with the fiery bravura of the Knight of Wands, you can charge forward and succeed. Here is a site that gives a more in depth understanding of the moon's influences in our daily lives.

Best horoscope ever!

After a crazy week of eclipse it feels like things are starting to calm down in the old universe right? Well, this morning I felt the sucker stick it to me again! For the second week in a row the free weekly rag in my city has failed to deliver to my neighborhood and I am left having to look up my favorite horoscope online. This is the best horoscope I've found out there, I have been reading Free Will Astrology since I was in the tenth grade--- well over fifteen years ago. It's insightful and inspiring as any good horoscope ought to be. I can't live without it.