September 2008

Happy Birthday Libras

Balance! Balance! Balance!  That's the key word for you Libra.  The next couple of months are going to be a bit chaotic as pressure mounts for you to complete those projects you started earlier this summer.  It's time to put the finishing touches on that renovation or home-based business and prepare to release your baby into the universe.  With Mercury in retrograde starting the 15th of September all the way throught the 24th of October, you are going to have to make some tough choices about which direction you want those projects to go.  We know how much you hate pressure and you want things to be just perfect, but now is not the time to freak out about it.  If you have to make your people work harder, use those diplomatic skills of yours because tensions are running deep this time of the year.  You don't want to push your allies away.  Make sure you take some time for deep breathing exercises or meditation because you'll be needing it.

What makes Sarah Palin so fascinating

I can't say that I agree with Sarah Palin's politics, or that I even like her, but for some reason I can't stop reading about her. She is a fascinating character in a sea of male politician look-a-likes, especially being a Republican. So I became curious about her astrological make-up and when her stats became public I went on-line and dug out her chart. Sarah Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho on February 11, 1964, at 4:40pm. This makes Palin an Aquarius sun sign, with Leo rising and moon in Aquarius, as well. Actually, Aquarius appears many times in her chart, in Mercury, Mars and Saturn. This woman is a force to be reckoned with. For starters, having her sun sign in Aquarius makes her a born doer. She is ambitious, energetic, extroverted, assertive, with a strong ego. These qualities are heightened by the influence of Aquarius present in her moon, as well. Palin is group oriented, prefers to lead rather than follow, and does not want to be confined to domesticity. Jupiter in Aries gives this woman the drive and focus necessary for being a leader, but having Aries in Venus makes her seem a bit brusque.

What's astrology got to do with it

Astrologers are finding more links between the influence of the planets and the stars on people's personal lives. Can astrology predict if and when a person will become ill? Check out this article about medical professionals at a university in India who have conducted a five year study about the correlation of a person's astral chart and the manifestation of diseases. According to the article, about 75 per cent of the cases studied were accurately predicted using astrology. And if you're wondering why you can't seem to move up in your career while others seem to do so effortlessly, it cold have something to do with your birth sign and and birth order.

What's in the stars for the presidential elections

Can astrology predict the outcome of this year's presidential elections? Can looking at the candidates charts give us any insight into what kind of president each would make? Will the position of the planets have any influence over who is elected? These are questions that astrologers are pondering and consulting the stars about. Here are two interesting perspectives on the candidates Obama and McCain. Should astrology be given any attention when it comes to politics? Does it matter to anyone if McCain is a Virgo and Obama is Leo? Will this influence anyone's vote?