October 2008

Weekly Horoscope for October 27- November 2, 2008

Scorpio- Get in the driver's seat and take control of your life.  It's time to grow up Scorpio, don't doubt yourself, you've learned a thing or two in this lifetime, put your smarts to the test this week, you'll do just fine. Sagittarius- Just because things aren't going the way you want them to doesn't mean you have to fly off the handle.  Have some tact, but stand your ground, and remember to keep the promises you made this week. Capricorn- It feels like you're spinning your wheels, not getting anywhere.  Maybe you should consider an alternate plan.  Maybe you need to expand your circle of friends, try something different, and stop putting the responsibility on others. Aquarius- Are you feeling over-whelmed?  It's time to take a break from all the worrying and just breath.  The problems aren't going anywhere Aquarius, but if you're going to keep going you'll need your strength.  You'll be well-advised to use some creative visualization to achieve some inner peace this week. Pisces- Mood-swings aboun

Weekly Horoscope for October 20-26, 2008

Scorpio this is a good time to rethink your scheming ways. The new Moon in your sign will bring you a rebirth, which is long overdue.

Sagittarius it's all fun and games until you get the bill. Well, there's no running away from your responsibilities this week. And you know what they say about assumptions... so don't.

Capricorn you want your cake and you want it now! Too bad, this week you're going to have to be patient. And don't huff and puff about it, your friends don't want to hear it. Chill out and rethink your plans.

Aquarius you're going to have to stop playing the victim this week and stop that whining that everyone finds so off-putting. If you can't play nice, then don't play at all.

The Emperor, Change, and the Hermit

The current conditions in the United States has me a bit concerned, so I decided to consult my trusty Crowley deck to give me some insight on the situation(s).  Especially concerning the upcoming elections and economic crisis we are facing.  I wanted to know what we can expect from all of this.  I pulled three cards, one for past present and future. The passing influence for this nation is the Emperor, which could easily be said is George W. Bush and the current administration.

Full Moon in Aries, Oct. 14

If you've been feeling down about the state of things in the world lately, you should be relieved to hear that the Full Moon in Aries(occurring October 14) will bring you a renewed sense of hope.  This is a time to take a leap of faith and let yourself feel the joy of life, without over-analyzing everything too much.  Think of Aries as the child of the zodiac, being the first sign it also is a sign of initiation and setting forth on a journey.  Like the Fool of the tarot, Aries has the promise of a new adventure and it would do you well to think outside of the box and be more enterprising in your day to day life.  Get creative and celebrate the simple of life, don't get too hung up on the dark side of things, since we need to maintain a positive attitude if we are to get through this big mess, that is the world today. Speaking of the world, on a broader level, because Aries is ruled by Mars, we might be seeing an increase in violence and accidents affected by fire.  World leaders are feeling the crunch of what they have created in the last ten years and the natural reaction is to unleash the forces of evil on the world.  So, on a smaller, more individual level it is cruci

World Economic Crisis and Astrology

It certainly feels like the world is in total chaos these days, with the world economy thrown off-kilter, the energy crisis being faced here at home, and wars and conflict breaking out all over, can all this be put in an astrological perspective?  There are many opinions about what brought on all this calamity and how we can solve it, I've scoured the web looking for some perspective and mostly hope.  We, the common people, those of us at the bottom have been left hanging after a bailout plan that doesn't seem to be working and a government that refuses to address the real issues we have to wonder what the hell is going on?  There's a lot of speculation about whether this marks the begining of the 2012 era when the whole world will experience a shift in consciousness. Here are some interesting articles to look at with different takes on our current events.  In this article from grandtrines.com the author states "this might be one really scary Halloween." Another article I found quite interesting is in