November 2008

If Your Birthday Is Today...Nov 26

If November 26th is your birthday, your friends will tell you that you are funny and warm-hearted.  That you are a creative thinker with wild ideas.  But really what you want is the undying attention of those around you and will do what it takes to keep it.  You tend to be moody and irrepressible. You also share a birthday with this buxom lady, La Cicciolina.  This lady is famously known for exhibiting her large, left breast on Italian television during a political debate, of which she was a participant.  She once offered to have sex with the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in order to restore peace in the Middle East. Ms.

If Your Birthday Is Today...Nov 25

If your birthday is November 25th, your friends probably consider you funny and kooky, noble and smart.  And a bit of a goof.  But really, you're a smug know-it-all with the sense of humor of chalk. You also share a birthday with this guy(left) Ben Stein.  The guy that plays the annoying teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, who is famous for his monotone voice and having a game show where you got to win his money, if you could prove to be smarter than him.  Ben Stein is also an economist and former speech writer for Richard Nixon.

Weekly Horoscope for November 3 to November 9 2,008

Scorpio- You will need to employ some common sense this week, and don't rely too heavily on intuition. Cold, hard facts will get you through a tough situation Scorpio. Make sure all things are in order, especially your transportation.

Sagittarius- You are feeling very vulnerable and blue, especially early in the week. Take time to rest this weekend and recover from a week of hard work. Saturday will be a good day for staying in with your loved one.

Capricorn- It's your lucky week! This is going to be a profitable time for you Capricorn, but act now! This is the perfect time for taking risks in a new business venture.

Aquarius- Don't make any hasty decisions early in the week. Follow your hunches, listen to your dreams, you are in tune with the cosmic forces this week. By the end of the week you'll know what the next step to progress will be.