January 2009

Vacation Hotspots for Your Element (Part 3)...Air

Vacations for Air Signs Astrologers believe that your star sign may dictate if you take an exotic vacation or stick close to home.  The Air signs of the Zodiac are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.  People born under these air signs like the freedom to chart a new and unpredictable course, rather than following a plan that's already been laid out.  When it comes to vacationing their inquisitive nature means that they love visiting new places and may even learn a few words in a new language.  These signs really like to travel, preferring vacations that let them move from one spot to the next rather than spending the whole time in one place. Mysti</body></html>

Capricorn Birthstone: Garnet

The garnet gemstone is the birthstone of the month of January and is associated with the astrological Zodiac sign of Capricorn. These stones can be found throughout the world including Russia, the United States and India. However, the largest concentration of garnet gemstones is located on the African continent.

Garnet's popularity spans back many thousands of years when these beautiful red, pink, yellow, blue, green and black stones were used by the Egyptian and Roman empires in certain pieces of jewelry and ornaments. The most common color of garnet gemstones is red, and from an astrological point of view, these stones were often associated with the sun.