February 2009

If Your Birthday Is Today…28th February

You share your birthday with Robert Sean Leonard, the actor who plays the long suffering friend and colleague on House, M.D.  Leonard has had roles both on the small and big screen since he was a teenager, but is also a keen thespian,  having been nominated for several Tony Awards. He has also founded a theatre company with childhood friend Ethan Hawke.  You will have to wait until June to see the birthday of the famous Dr. House himself.
Comedian Gilbert Gottfried was also born on the 28th of February.  This squinting funny man has recently been the voice of 'Iago' the parrot in Disney's animated movie, 'Aladdin.'
February 29th (in a Leap Year) If your birthday is tomorrow you have the special honour of being a Leap Year baby.

If Your Birthday Is Today…27th February

If you were born today you share your birthday with some pretty impressing famous names and faces.  Twenty-seven today, Josh Groban has already taken the world by storm with his singing talents.  While we are saying Happy Birthday to Josh,  we also need to extend congratulations to his younger brother Chris, who happens to share the same birthdate.  Want more strange facts about Josh Groban?  We has no sense of taste or smell.  Must make dieting easy! One birthday girl today who has seen her dieting struggles feature as front page news is Chelsea Clinton.  Chelsea was forced to grow up in some pretty harsh limelight as the 'ugly duckling' daughter to former President Clinton.  Now all grown up, Chelsea is a sophisticated young woman, actively involved in her mother's political campaigns. Elizabeth Taylor also celebrates her birthday today,  and this is one gal who has rarely been out of the spotlight.  Often called one of the most beautiful women in the world,  Elizabeth has enjoyed a career spanning over three decades.  Despite her reclusive tendancies, at 76 she remains an icon in Hollywood and there are few people alive today who do not know her name. On a more literary note,

If Your Birthday Is Today…26th February

You share your birth date with musical legends Michael Bolton and Johnny Cash.  Pisces are renowned for being creative, yet pulled in many different directions and these traits may have played a larged part in the life and career of the dynamic Cash.  Other famous names that were born on this day were Levi Strauss, of the blue jeans fame, and Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserables. Pisceans are strongly influenced by their feelings, and often meet their greatest success when they allow themselves to work in areas that inspire them, whether that is music, fashion or literature.  Follow the example of these famous names and use your own passions and interests to shape your future. It is important for you to have a creative outlet, whether or not you choose to make this your full time career.   A creative hobby can help you to relieve stress caused by conflicting feelings, and can help you to focus your energy and channel it into a productive pass time. Your Horoscope for February 26th Sometimes being Pisces is more about intuition that understanding and that is certainly the case today.  Sit back and let the big picture wash over you.  There will be plenty of t

If Your Birthday Is Today…20th February

You are in some pretty good company is today is your birthday.  You share your special day with the sexy songstress, Rihanna.  Only 21 years old today,  this babe from Barbados has already filled the roles of a cultural ambassador,  beauty queen and singing sensation. Another beautiful babe born today is Cindy Crawford.  Although 53 today,  Crawford looks amazing for her age,  a fact that she attributes to her healthy lifestyle and daily exercise routine.   She was another star that saw success early,  almost winning the Elite Model Management's Look of the Year competition at just 17. And do men come much sexier than Sidney Poitier?  Hale Berry is certainly a fan,  and for more reason than his charming good looks.  As the first black actor to win an Oscar, (for his role in Lilies of the Field, 1963) Poitier has been a pioneering figure in African American popular history. Artistic careers are common for Pisceans, and music is a great way to express

If Your Birthday Is Today…19th February

If you were born on the 19th of February then you rest right on the cusp of two zodiac signs: aquarius and pisces.  Depending on which year you were born in you may be either of these sun signs.  While the position of the sun in the sky will determine your zodiac sign,  where the moon lies in your chart will also affect your personality and fate.  For a complete picture of your own astrological destiny you should have your birth chart read by a professional who can look beyond the superficial zodiac house to give you more insight into your destiny. Some stars born on the 19th of February are musicians Seal and Smoky Robinson, and actor Jeff Daniels. By far the most famous name that would appear on birthday cards today Copernicus.   Born in 1473,  this Polish scholar was the first scientist to theorize that the universe did not revolve around the earth.  His views were radical for his day, and paved the w

If Your Birthday Is Today…18th February

You share your birthday with actress Molly Ringwald.  Molly seemed to play the role of teenage girl-next-door in every cult eighties movies.  She has been on and off the small screen many times since then, appearing on Saturday Night Live and most recently The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Other stars born today include John Travlota,  who first danced his way into the limelight in Saturday Night Fever, before causing teenage girls around the world to swoon over his role in Grease.  Since then he has enjoyed success in more films that we could possibly mention here, making hits such as Pulp Fiction, Face Off, Michael, Look Whos Talking and many, many more. Cybill Shepard also celebrates her birthday today.  This lucky lady starred alongside Bruce Willis in Moonlighting, although she apparently never liked him.  She went on to star in her very own sit com Cybil. Anot