March 2009

If you were born today – 31st March

People born today also share their birthday with Aries, Al Gore, who never quite got to try out his leadership skills as President of the United States, controversially losing to George W Bush in 2000. But has since thrown all his Aries energy and drive into his work as an environmental activitist, earning him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Another Nobel Prize winner born today is William Bragg, who won the prize for Physicist in 1915 with his father, the only time a father and son have won. Actors Christopher Walken and Ewan McGregor both have birthdays today, both would have had to use their Aries drive to break into Hollywood.

If you were born today – 30 March

Aries are normally ambitious people but author Anna Sewell, who was born today, did not seem to have a trait, as she only ever published one novel, although it was the children’s classic “Black Beauty”. Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh was also born today, his painting have influenced 20th Century Art enormously, “Sunflowers” and “The Starry Night” being two of his most famous pieces. But maybe his negative Aries tendency towards perfectionism, led to his mental illness and suicide. Inguar Kamprad the Swedish entrepreneur also celebrates today, who may be better known to many as the man that gave the world IKEA. He has certainly used his Aries drive and ambition, as well as the desire to be first in life to their full potential to create this global phenomenon.

If your birthday is today – 29th March

Aries are often ambitious and stubborn enough to beat the odds in a competitive field. If you are celebrating your birthday today you share it with a number of Aries who have reached the top in their field. Eric Idle of Monty Python fame was born today, as well as writing and starring in Monty Python sketches, he is also a competent guitarist and composed many of the Python musical numbers, one of the most famous of which being “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” He also has an asteroid named in his honor, something that probably appealed to his egotistical Aries side. Another Aries celebrating today, who used the Aries drive, ambition and good leadership skills in his career is Sir John Major, former Prime Minster of Great Britain. Aries like to be first in life, which Elle Macpherson was when she was one of the first generation of supermodels back in the 1980’s. Former World Number 1 Women’s Tennis Player, Jennifer Capriati was also born today. Your Horoscope for March 29th Face the week ahead with confidence. Your Aries trait of pride can sometimes get you into trouble, but it can also guide you through hard times.

If your birthday is today – 28th March

Those celebrating today, share their birthday with Michael Parkinson or “Parky” as the British public knows him. Most famous for his extremely successful chat show “Parkinson”, he does not show the usual Aries impatience when interviewing his guests, although he might be forgiven for being irritable, as Aries often are, with Meg Ryan during her infamous appearance in 2003. Debate ensues to this day as to who was at fault for this awkward interview.  Could Parky's Aries stubbornness have played a part?

If your birthday is today – 27th March

Aries born today may indulge in their tendency to be drawn to the finer things in life and material wealth,  as they share their birthday with the co-founder of Rolls Royce, Sir Henry Royce.

Award winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was also born today.  His films include “Reservoir Dogs”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill” volumes 1 & 2.  Maybe it is his Aries ambition that drives him to use certain camera shots and angles to make his films undeniably recognisable as his.

If your birthday is today – 26th March

If you are celebrating your birthday today, you share it with a number of people who have created careers for themselves in the world of entertainment. Which would need a lot of the Aries ambition and drive as well as their optimism to succeed in this cutthroat industry.

Known to thousands of women everywhere as “Baby” in the classic movie Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey celebrates her birthday today.

Also celebrating today is, Leonard Nimoy best known for his role as “Spock” in the original Star Trek television series. He has also directed two of the Star Trek films, “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”

If your birthday is today – 25th March

Aries born today share their birthday with two of the most well known musical artist of all time. Aretha Franklin and Sir Elton John both of whom have been number one in their fields just like their star sign in the zodiac. Elton John has sold over 200 million records in his career spanning four decades, he is also known for his fiery personality and irritability, which is a typical trait of the cardinal fire sign, Aries.

Sarah Jessica Parker was also born today, best known nowadays for her role as Carrie in Sex and the City. Maybe Parker's character Carrie gets her impulsiveness for buying shoes from her Aires star sign. Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik even named a pair of his designer footwear after Sarah.

If your birthday is today – 24th March

People born today share their birthday with Hollywood legend Steve McQueen, famous for films “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Great Escape”, “Bullitt” and “The Towering Inferno” McQueen was a keen motorcycle and race car fan and did his own film stunts when allowed.

Sir Alan Sugar will also being celebrating today, and his Aries traits of drive, ambition and leadership will certainly have helped him to earn his estimated £830 million fortune. Sugar is now best known for presenting the UK version of the television programme “The Apprentice”, and many of the shows contestants bring out his other Aries characteristics of impatience and irritability. Sugar was the founder of Amstrad, which he sold for a tidy sum in 2007 and he also served as the Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for almost ten years.

If your birthday is today – 23rd March

If you are celebrating your birthday today, you are sharing it with some famous sports stars. The first man to run one mile in under four minutes, Roger Bannister, was born today. As was Joe Calzaghe who when he retired in February this year was the undefeated boxing world champion. Sir Steven Redgrave also celebrates today; Redgrave is only one of four Olympians to win gold medals at five consecutive Olympic games. All of these sportsmen share the Aries personality trait of wanting to be first in life, due to their star sign being the first in the Zodiac.

If your birthday is today – 22nd March

If you were born today, you are sharing you birthday with a hero to Star Trek fans everywhere, William Shatner. Most famous for playing Captain James T Kirk in the original Star Trek television series and seven Star Trek films, as well as the TV series' TJ Hooker, and Boston Legal. He has used his Aries drive and ambition to maintain a showbiz career spanning over four decades.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is also celebrating today, he has written 13 musicals in his career, he started composing music when he was six, and would have to have the Aries trait of drive to still be writing music today.

Another composer who has a birthday today is Stephen Sondheim, his music and lyrics have appeared in films such as “Sweeny Todd” and “West Side Story”.

If your birthday is today 21st March

Aries can have fiery personalities and Brian Clough, who was born today, was known for his. They also have good leadership skills, lots of drive, ambition and like to be first in life, which would have been invaluable to him when managing Nottingham Forrest to back to back wins in the European Cup.

Another sportsman born today, who would have needed all his Aries drive and ambition was three times Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna, who was killed whilst leading the San Mario Grand Prix in 1994.

If Your Birthday Is Today - 20th March

If your celebrating today, you share a birthday with Pamela Harriman, whose first husband was Randolph Churchill, with who she had a son Winston, named after his grandfather. She is well known to have had many affairs and was married three times, this could be down to the fact that all Pisceans are romantics but she doesn’t seem to carry the usual trustworthiness (in relationships) that Pisceans have.

Former footballer Dave Beasant was also born today, as a Pisces he probably spent his childhood dreaming of playing in the FA Cup Final, which he later achieved, along with being the first goalkeeper to save a penalty in a FA Cup Final.

If Your Birthday Is Today -13th March

You share your birthday with Desperate Housewife star Dana Delaney.   Another famous actor,  William H Macy was also born today. Most Pisceans are quite spiritual creatures, and spend their lives searching for meaning.  It is important for this star sign to feel connected and accepted, and religion often provides an unconditional source for these types of positive emotions.  Religion also gives Pisceans a focus for their natural generosity and kindness, and allows them to feel that they are helping in some way. Not satisfied with the list of existing religions, Piscean L Ron Hubbard, who celebrates his birthday today, created his own:  Scientology. Today is also the spooky Friday the 13th.  Although there are plenty of urban legends and speculation about why this day has become considered so unlucky,  there is little evidence for a concrete explanation.  The most likely reason is that both the number 13 and the day of Friday were long considered unlucky,  so pairing the two made it a doubly ill-fated day.  While some studies have shown a link between this day and tragedy, others say that there are less accidents on Friday 13th because people tend to be more careful.

If Your Birthday Is Today - 12th March

Pisceans love showbusiness and the arts.  Although they often play supporting roles rather than the leads,  their natural tendancy to escape into fantasy makes them ideal for acting, singing and writing.  Although they tend to be a bit more fragile than other signs,  and don't often develop the hard skins needed to survive the harsh world of celebrity,  there have still been plenty of Piscean stars over the years. James Taylor is one such creative talent who celebrates his birthday today.  Famous for his folky songs such as 'Fire and Rain' and 'You've Got A Friend',  Taylor has won several Grammy's and has earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  His songs speak of themes such as friendship, love and travel and are typically romantic for a Piscean. Another famous singer of quite a different kind is Liza Minnelli who was born today to the even more famous singer and actress Judi Garland.   Minnelli has won awards and critical acclaim for her Broadway performances in Cabaret, and her movie role in New York, New York,  although many of her other ventures have beenunremarkable. The American writer and poet Jack Kerouac was also born today. http://astrologyreport.

If Your Birthday Is Today - 11th March

Every idealistic Pisces will have dreamt about wandering off to explore other worlds and planets at one time or another,  so it is no surprise that the author of one of the most famous humorous science fiction novels was born today.  Douglas Adams is the author of The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy,  an off-the-wall story about the meaning of life.  The book has become a cult classic, especially for students.  Adams has also written several sequels and other books. The media mogul Rupert Murdoch celebrates his birthday today too.  I'd like to be there for his birthday party - he is reputedly worth a staggering $8 billion!  Murdoch's company NewsCorp owns Fox, Sky TV and the Wall Street Journal, as well as the publishing house HarperCollinsAthough many Pisceans have plenty of vision and ingenuity to build businesses,  they tend to lack the hard nosed business skills to deal with the practicalities of the day to day running of a company.  Murdoch is a great example of what a Piscean can do when they tur

If Your Birthday Is Today…9th March

The beautiful and talented Juliette Binoche was born today.  Perhaps her dreamy look is due to her Piscean nature? Now logic is definitely not something normally associated with those born under the sign Pisces, and yet arguably the greatest chess player who has ever lived, Bobby Fischer was born today,  meaning the he belongs to this fishy sign.  He obviously put hisPiscean creative thinking together with a powerful intelligence to come up with strategies and solutions that others couldn't crack. Pisceans are well known for being dreamers, and are often found gazing off into space, day dreaming about wild adventures and romantic escapades.  OnePiscean , however, was the first to actually follow those dreams and literally go out of this world.  The Russian, Yuri Gagarin was born on this day, and was the first man in space. In Memorium: It was on this day in 1997 that the rapper, Notorious BIG, was shot and killed,  publicising and effectively ending the long standing violence between East and West Coast rappers.

If Your Birthday Is Today…1st March

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!  A pinch and a punch, and all that.  It's the first of a new month.  Does that fill you with inspiration and goals for the month ahead?  A fresh start often stirs up a renewed energy in us, and as a Piscean,  you tend to place more of an emphasis on emotional beginnings than most of the other zodiac sign.  Try to keep your feet on the ground to avoid disappointment by creating a short list of achievable goals for the month.  Is there a special occasion or purchase that you want to save for?  Perhaps there is a book that you want to read.  Or maybe you can write a list of one person who you want to reconnect with each week,  whether by email, letter or a phone call.
Famous people born on March 1st include Zach-Paul Gosselaar from Saved By the Bell and NYPD Blue,  sexy Spaniard and current beau to Penelope Cruz Javier Bardem, pro wrestler Booker-T, eighties pop star Nik Kershaw, epic movie director and Happy Days star Ron Howard, and the lead signer and songwriter for The Who Roger Daltry.