June 2009

If your birthday is today - 30 June

Cancers are creative individuals and a number of Cancer's born today have used their creativity in different ways.

Two of them had their sights set on the skies.  Inventor Ed Yost, born in 1919 was an American scientist who invented the modern hot air balloon, while engineer Ludwig Bölkow, born in 1912 was the lead engineer at Messerchmitt whilst they were building the first famous jet plane, the ME 262.

If your birthday is today - 29 June

The Cancer star sign is said to be associated with the moon and maybe this is why George Hale entered the career which he did. Born today in 1868 Hale was an respected American astronomer. Hale also showed the Cancer characteristic of determination in his work to start a number of astronomical observatories including Mount Wilson Observatory and the Hale Solar Laboratory. Hale's determination was not just reserved for his own career, however, as he hired and encouraged other astronomers such as Harlow Shapley and Edwin Hubble with their work on some of the most significant discoveries of the time.
Another Cancer born today in 1951, who used his Cancer personality trait of creativity within his career, is comic book writer and illustrator Don Rosa. Think you don't know Rosa's work?  Think again.

If you were born today - 28 June

Cancers can have a ferocious temper which you would certainly say about Henry VIII, born today in 1491, if you were one of his six wives! Two of his wives he divorced and two of them he had executed. Henry VIII is probably one of the best known Kings of England although he is more famous for his strops with his lovers and the Catholic Church than his rule.  His dispute with the Vatican over his desire to divorce his first wife Catherine ofAragon led to the separation of the Church of England from Rome and was the beginning of a period of war and bloodshed in the UK, the effects of which can still be felt in the animosity between Catholics and Protestants in many parts of Great Britain.

If you were born today - 28 June

American fashion designer Vera Wang, born today in 1949, is best known for her wedding dress collection. She has designer wedding gowns for celebrities such as VictoriaBeckman, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. Wang has also extended her creativity to designing jewellery, shoes and eye wear.

Know the name J.J. Abrams?  You should! Born today in 1966, has used his Cancer traits of creativity and sense of mystery as a screenwriter, producer and director of some of the hottest hits from both small and silver screens over the past ten years. Abrams is the creator or co-creator of television series' "Lost", "Alias" and "Fringe" and also directed Mission Impossible 3 and the latest 2009 Star Trek film.

While we are on the topic of sci-fi hits, Tobey Maguire, (aka Spiderman) born today in 1975, has used his creative side as a successful actor.

If you were born today - 26 June

Creative Cancer Branwell Brontë, was born into a creative family today in 1817. Branwell was the brother of writers Charlotte, Emily and Anne and was a painter and poet in his own right. His most famous portrait is of his three sisters.

Another creative Cancer born today in 1970 is American actor Chris O'Donnell, who has had a career as both a television and film actor and is currently starring inNCIS spin off NCIS: Los Angeles.

If you were born today - 25 June

If you are celebrating your birthday today, then you share the day with writer George Orwell.  "George Orwell" was actually the pen name of Eric Blair, born today in 1903. Orwell's work showed the typical imagination and compassion of Cancers, advocating a belief in a democratic society and opposition to social injustice and totalitarianism. His most famous works are "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty-four", which has given us the term "Big Brother is watching you."

Two famous musical Cancers born today are Carly Simon and George Michael. Singer/songwriter Simon was born today in 1945 and has received a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award during her career. George Michael was born today in 1963 (as Georgios-Kyriacos Panayiotou) and since finding success as one half of the pop duo "Wham" has gone on to sell 100 million records worldwide during his solo career.

If you were born today - 24 June

Cancers are reliable, loyal people, normally grounded and calm, especially in situations that might send other more nervous star signs running for the hills.  These personality traits were put to good use by PearlWitherington , born today in 1914, during her time as Special Operations Executive during World War Two.  Living in dramatic times, she lived a dramatic life, parachuting in behind enemy lines, collaborating with the French resistance and engaging in many activities to try and bring down the Nazi forces.Witherington was so effective at her job during the war especially during the D-Day landings, that the Germans put a one million French Franc bounty on her head.

If you were born today - 23 June

More Cancer computer geeks are celebrating their birthday today!  If you were born today you share your birthday with Vinton "Vint" Cerf, born in 1943.  He is an American computer scientist and is the person most people recognise as "the father of the Internet." Since 2005 he has been the Vice President ofinternet giant Google (who?) and has won many awards for his contributions to the world of online communication, including the Turing Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Another famous Cancer born today is Joss Whedon, the American writer, director and producer who created the television series' "Buffy the Vampire Slater", "Angel" and "Dollhouse", as well as the movie "Serenity".  A little known fact is that he was also co-writer for the movie "Toy Story".

Characteristics of a Cancer

June 21 marks the entrance into the fourth house of the zodiac, Cancer. A water sign, Cancer is considered feminine and introverted, and is ruled by the moon.

Cancers are considered to be compatible with Pisces and Scorpio, both water signs.

If you are a Cancer, you share your sign with Prince William, Meryl Streep, Kris Kristofferson, George Orwell, John Cusack, Clarence Thomas, Jack Dillinger, Mike Tyson, Princess Diana, Thurgood Marshall, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, King Henry VII, Tom Hanks, Ringo Starr, O.J. Simpson, Henry Thoreau, Bill Cosby, Gerald Ford, Lizzy Borden, Harrison Ford, Ernest Hemingway and Robin Williams.

Here are some characteristics normally attributed to Cancers. Check to see which ones you have.

If you were born today - 3 June

Geminis are known for their intelligence and intellect, therefore it is not surprising that there are a number of Gemini Noble Prize winners. These include German pharmacologist Otto Loewi, born today in 1873. Loewi won the Noble Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1936 for his discovery ofacetylcholine - a significant discovery which has helped enhance medical therapy.  Loewi has also often been named as the "father of Neuroscience".  

If you were born today - 1 June

Geminis are good entertainers and if you are celebrating your birthday today, you share the day with some very entertaining Geminis. Born today in 1926 is probably one of the most famous actresses and recognised people in the world, Marilyn Monroe.  Monroe had the typical Gemini trait of harboring two types of personalities:  on the one hand she was gregarious and lively, while inside she was shy and harbored many demons.