July 2009

Characteristics of a Leo

If you were born between July 23 and August 23, you’re a loyal, confident Leo. Leos are known to be encouraging and generous friends, and are ambitious in most aspects of their lives. A fire sign, Leo is considered masculine and extroverted, and is ruled by the Sun.

Leos are said to be compatible with Sagittarius and Aries, both also fire signs.

If you are a Leo, you share your sign with Evangeline Lily, Wesley Snipes, Jacqueline Kennedy, Henry Ford, Emily Bronte, Amelia Earhart, Tom Barry, Dustin Hoffman, Halle Berry, Mich Jagger, Alfred Hitchcock, John Stamos, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Charlize Theron, Jerry Garcia, Benito Mussolini, Neil Armstrong, Matthew Perry, Sandra Bullock, Patrick Swayze, Madonna, Jamie Presley, Robert De Niro, Bill Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, Peggie Fleming, Andy Warhol, and Christian Slater.

If you were born today - 26 July

Leos are creative, extrovert people, sometimes with big egos who make very good entertainers, and if you were born today you share your birthday with a Who's Who list of people within the entertainment industry!

Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones rock band was born today in 1943.  He shares his birthday with another legendary rock and roller, Queen drummer Roger Taylor, born in 1949.

If you were born today - 24 July

If you are celebrating your birthday today, then you are probably a Leo, although the traditional star signs are slightly out of alignment, due to planetary movements since the original dates were conceived.  For this reason,  if you want an accurate horoscope,  you should visit an Astrologist who can give you a full birth chart based on the exact time, day and year that you were born.  This chart will also take into account the position of the moon in the celestial houses, which also has a subtle effect on your personality.

If you were born today - 23 July

Cancers can have a ferocious temper and an ability to act in cold blood, and Myra Hindley, who was born today in 1942, certainly displayed the negative elements of this star sign. Hindley, together with her lover Ian Brady, murdered five children between 1963 and 1965, burying their bodies on the Yorkshire Moors, which gave them the nickname in the United Kingdom of the Moors Murders. After her conviction for two of the murders Hindley became Britain's longest-detained female prisoner and died in prison in 2002.
Another Cancer murderer born today in 1938, was Charles Harrelson. Charles was a freelance hit man who was convicted of assassinating federal judge John H.

If you were born today - 22 July

Cancers are fabulous, dah-ling!  Combining his Cancer creativity and determination to have his own ready-to-wear fashion collection is Oscar de la Renta, born today in 1932. The fashion designer's career started with an apprenticeship with the Spanish couture label Cristóbal Balenciaga, before working for Elizabeth Arden in the 1960's and then realising his dream of starting own fashion house. His feminine and fashion forward designs have been worn by celebrities such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush.
Other creative Cancers born today are actors Danny Glover, probably best known for his role in the "Lethal Weapon" films, Willem Dafoe, who most recently starred in the Spiderman movies, and actress A.J.

If you were born today - 21 July

Cancers have a creative side which many have used to build successful careers in arts and entertainment fields. Ernest Hemingway, born today in 1899, used his creativity as a writer and journalist. During his career Hemingway won both a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for his novel "The Old Man and the Sea" and a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.  One of his best known novels, "For Whom the Bell Tolls", is based on his time in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.    
Other Cancers who have used their creativity within the entertainment industry are musician Cat Stevens, or Yusuf Islam as he is now known.  He was born today in 1948 and during his career, which started in the 1960's, has sold over sixty million albums.

If you were born today - 20 July

Cancers are determined people who can reach great things when this determination is used.  One of the most fiercely determined men of all time, Alexander III of Macedon or Alexander the Great as he is more popularly known, is recorded as being born today in the year 356 BC. His leadership skills, focus and determination to conquer all of the known world made him one of histories most successful military commanders, with most historians believing he was never defeated in battle.
This same determination led another Cancer born today in 1919, to achieve great things in his life. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first known climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest on 29 May 1953 at the age of thirty three, with Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay.

If you were born today - 17 July

Once they have their teeth in something, Cancers rarely let go.  Their determination, focus and hard work will see them through any ups and downs, which is possibly why they often have long careers, even is such a fickle industry as entertainment.  Cancer actors are adept at comebacks!

One such actor, is Donald Sutherland, born today in 1935. Sutherland has most recently been seen in the television series "Dirty Sexy Money" but his career has spanned over five decades and included films such as "The Dirty Dozen" and "M*A*S*H".

If you were born today - 16 July

When a Cancer uses their drive and determination, they can often achieve great things, which Frits Zernike, born in 1888, certainly did within the world of science.  He earned a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1953, for his invention of the phase contrast microscope. This device allowed the internal cell structure to be studied in great detail without killing the cells and was a breakthrough piece of equipment for modern medicine.
Another Cancer who achieved great things in her career was actress and dancer Ginger Rogers. Born in 1911, Rogers is best remember for her onscreen partnership with Fred Astaire who she starred alongside in ten musical hit movies. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1940, and during her career made a whopping seventy three films!

If you were born today - 15 July

The Dutch painter Rembrandt, born today in 1606, personifies what creative Cancer's can do with their natural talent when they combine it with their dedication and drive to do their best.  Most people regard him as one of the greatest painters in the history of European art and he is regarded as the Netherland's greatest artist.  Among his best known works are "Danaë" and "Night Watch".

If you were born today - 13 July

Cancers are known for their (sometimes blunt) honesty and although Tommaso Buscetta, born today in 1928, did not seem to have this trait during his time working for the Mafia in both Italy and America it figured later in his life when he turned informant.
He gave vital information to the police in Italy on the Mafia, and at just one trial his testimony as the lead witness imprisoned almost three hundred and fifty members of the Mafia! Seems like he did not feel any typical Cancer loyalty towards the people he used to work for.  
Cancers always like to give their best performance, and are hard working and dedicated to their careers.

If you were born today - 12 July

If you are celebrating your birthday today you share it with two exceptionally productive Cancers,  the first being Josiah Wedgewood, born in 1730.  Although the name is associated with a high class and artistic style of china, Wedgewood was an English potter who actually used his Cancer determination to industrialize the mass manufacture of pottery. Wedgewood pottery is now part of the Waterford group and the blue "Jasperware" china with a white overlay decoration which the company is most famous for is more commonly known across the world as "Wedgewood china".

If you were born today - 11 July

If your birthday is today you share the day with creative Cancer Giorgio Armani. The famous Italian designer was born in 1934, and isparticularly known for the clean cut lines of his menswear collections. In 2001 Forbes magazine named Armani as the most successful Italian designer.   
It is also said that Robert the Bruce, was born today in 1274.  Bruce was a typical Cancer - loyal, determined, focused and proud of his heritage.  As King of Scotland, he led the Scottish fight for independance against the English in order to try and free his people from their tyrannical rule.

Many famous leaders actually share a birthday today, including John Quincy Adams, who was the 6th President of the United States.

Zodiac Sleeping Patterns

How well do you sleep at night?  Do you have vivid dreams?  Suffer from insomnia?  Perhaps you sleep walk?   Some astrologists claim that your sleep patterns may be related to your star sign and sleep studies have revealed that some star signs like to sleep in certain positions. Certainly, if you believe that your zodiac sign can have an impact on your nature, personality and behavior, then there is no reason not to assume that your star sign will influence how you sleep.  Here are some insights into the sleep patterns for each zodiac signs:

If you were born today - 10 July

If you are celebrating your birthday today, then you share the day with Harvey Ball. Although Ball's name may not be recognised by many, this creative Cancer born in 1921, is the earliest designer of the cult cartoon Smiley in 1963. This little yellow face has since worked it's way into popular culture, and was a symbol for the acid movement in the 1990's.  Cancers are rarely concerned about having wealth, and Ball was no exception, originally earning only $45 for the smiley cartoon and choosing not to register the copyright.   He went on to found the World Smile Foundation which raised money for charity and encouraged people to "Do an act of kindness - help one person smile".