October 2010

Characteristics of a Scorpio

Beware the mighty sting of the Scorpio’s tail! If you were born between October 23 and November 22, this passionate, secretive sign is yours. Your constellation is the Scorpius, and your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. The element of your fixed sign is water, and you are the eighth house of the zodiac. Scorpio is considered one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac.

Unlike other signs, Scorpio is represented by not only the scorpion, but also sometimes as the lizard, the eagle, the dove, or the phoenix. This expression of a dual nature is often represented by people ascending from one form into another, or developing some sort of enlightenment. Through this meaning, Scorpio is the sign of metamorphosis. Scorpios are most compatible with other Scorpios as well as other water signs, such as Pisces and Cancer.