December 2011

2012: The Year of the Dragon

Although it is still a few months away, February will be the beginning of the year of the dragon. Those who are born in the year of the Dragon are meant to be both respected and honored. This is because the Dragon is meant to deliver good fortune to people and be a master of authority. In Chinese myth, the dragon stands as a symbol of intense power in and good fortune.

Who Invented Astrology

We all out familiar with astrology and some us even breathe it. But, has it ever occurred to you to do the research and find out how the whole idea came about.  Well, today I had the bright idea to research and find out who came up with the whole idea and I must say it is truly amazing to find out how it originated and then compare it to how far it has developed this day in time.

About The Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign that represents those who were born in the second half of the month of December. The Capricorn represents those whose birthday falls between the days of December 22 and January 20. Those who were born under this star sign represent various traits both good and bad.

How Astrology Can Work for You

Many people over the centuries have used Astrology to determine how their life will be affected in the future. The position of the planets along with the moon and our sun can determine events in a person’s life. A scientific method can help you to understand how Astrology can work in your life. When you are able to read the planetary signs then you will better understand the cause and the effect of how the planets control life’s events.

The Thirteenth Planet - New Possibilities?

"If you are born between November 29th and December 17th, you are part of the Serpent Holder sign"

When scientists suddenly decided that Pluto was not a planet, nobody in astrological circles really took that much notice. Such a distant planet had little influence - both in terms of celestial distance and birth sign calculations. However, the notion that there is a 13th planet has led to tremors of fear and uncertainty. How would this affect the whole zodiac system, so mathematical in its potency? A number of people thought that this might be the end of the whole zodiac system. So what is the final verdict, nearly a year later? You will be surprised at what they have decided.