February 2012

About The Pisces

Between February 20th to March 20th is the time of the Pisces. All those born during this period will be forever connected to each other through a shared astrological sign. As with all the other star signs, those who can claim Pisces tend to have certain attributes and personality traits in common.

The Libra

"One positive trait that the Libra has is that they tend to be sensitive to the needs of others."

Those who were born under the sign of the Libra have a birthdate between September 24 and October 23. The sign of the Libra is often represented as a picture of scales. As with all the other zodiac signs, the Libra has traits that distinguish it from the rest. These traits, both bad and good, may not be seen in all the people who can claim Libra as their zodiac sign, but they are often seen in the majority of them.

Chinese Zodiac Elements Continued

Earth, Metal, and Water

Those who were born under the zodiac element Earth tend to be of a practical nature. In addition to being practical, those who have the Earth element tend to be hardworking, industrious people. They tend to ignore the nonsensical and stick with the logical. Additionally, they tend to methodical in their methods and they utilize everything that they can. When they see something they try to see what they can make of it. However, it isn’t to say that Earths have only good qualities. Their negative traits tend to include that they can be insensitive to others, unimaginative  in their work, and they are often considered to be a bit boring.